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HSP 2-EW High-quality condenser omni-directional neckband mic for vocal and speech applications. Individually adjustable. Patented sweat-protected diaphragm. Easily interchangeable and combinable components thanks to modular design...
SE10 Earset Microphone with Miniature Condenser Capsule Mic The Motion. Samson's SE10 Earset Microphone is a low profile, miniature condenser microphone with a 3mm capsule that provides outstanding audio reproduction, making it perfect for...
Overview Antennasplitter, active, 2x1:4   What's in the box? 1 ASA 1 active antenna splitter 8 BNC cables Operating instructions Power Supply
Passive directional antenna. Transmitting and receivingantenna.Frequency range: 450-960 MHzApex angle: approx. 100°Front-to-back ratio: ≥ 14 dB
Passive omni-directional antenna
Overview The CHG 2W is a wireless power transmitter. It provides convenient wireless charging. The CHG 2W is compatible with the SL Tablestand 133-S DW and the SL Tablestand 153-S DW.   Features Easy wireless charging Compatible...