1000w Blue Pinch lamp GY9.5 base used in Selecon Pacifics
$1,595.00 $1,400.00
EVE E-100Z EVE E-100Z is a powerful spot fixture featuring sharp pattern projection with a 100 W warm white LED light source. This versatile fixture works with metal or glass gobos to create incredible gobo or pattern details. The manual zoom and...
Ovation B-565FC  Ovation B-565FC boasts groundbreaking features such as an RGBA-Lime color system and the incorporation of RDM, Art-Net™ and sACN plus standard DMX for programming and networking options. This little powerhouse not only makes...
Ovation™ C-640FC is a great replacement for the widely used halogen cyc lights. It can create any color in the gel books while consuming less power than traditional-style fixtures. It’s theatre-ready with 16-bit dimming control (of each...
Ovation E-910FC - LIGHT ENGINE ONLY Ovation E-910FC is fully featured colour mixing ERS-style fixture. It features full RGBA-Lime colour mixing with output rivaling an incandescent fixture. Sacrifice nothing when it comes to control options with...
Ovation ED-190WW  -  LIGHT ENGINE ONLY Ovation™ ED-190WW ellipsoidal spot is a trailblazer, the first high-power LED based fixture that makes it possible to retrofit lamp-based ellipsoidals without scratching off costly investment in...